Script Synopsis

Dreamgirls of Bollywood is the story of a simple girl, Sajili, residing in a small town with music and dance as its very soul. Sajili is an epitome of Indian classical dancing and trains under none other than Pandit Shankaracharya, the maestro who has inherited music and dance from his legendary ancestors—the very own entertainers of the royal Mughals—and who runs a Gurukul, a school of performing arts. The story thrives on these two characters and their individual dreams—the guru’s, to permeate the entire nation with music and dance and retire soon to let his favorite Sajili carry on this tradition; and Sajili’s, to enter the film industry and strive to become the reigning queen of Bollywood, pushing aside other glamour swans. 

The plot thickens with Sajili’s undying fascination for tinsel-town and her guru’s disagreement and consequent anger. The conflict between Sajili and her guru, the support offered to her by her sincere lover, the resistance of her peers and ultimately her mysterious journey through the clutches of time—all enacted through scintillating performances, dance and music—are highlights that promise to enthrall viewers.

The audience is not only guided through a contemporary tale of love, tragedy and triumph but also the perfect fusion of enormously popular and infectious Bollywood dances and strong elements of Indian classical music and dance. Musical instruments like the Tabla and Dholak reverberate in the theatre in tandem with vibrant footwork of the Kathak and Bharatnatyam dancers. Jugalbandi, an artistic argument between musicians and classical dancers, is a visual treat that simulates the senses and results in sheer bliss. But what keeps the show high on energy quotient are intermittent segments of hard-hitting, pulsating Bollywood songs and dances, ranging from royal courtly melodies to folk tunes and hip-hop style to belly dance.

Opulent sets, over 300 exquisite costumes and elaborate jewelry, like a metaphorical extension of the multi-faceted artists, transport the audience to a utopian world.

Apart from the essence of Bollywood, the show also introduces one of the Seven Wonders of the World and India’s pride—the Taj Mahal. This dramatic musical and visual narration unfolds the history of the Taj Mahal—a monument reminiscent of the love saga of the great Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved wife Mumtaaz Mahal.

The coyness of a blushing bride or the feverishly infectious moves of iconoclastic divas; the come-hither sensuality of a courtesan or the tragedy of unrequited romance…all have been depicted through dance, music and drama in Dreamgirls of Bollywood.