Dreamgirls of Bollywood is a show that amalgamates two diverse entities into one magnificient theatrical experience; the culture, ethics and performing arts of India and the mega-entertaining, magical and vibrant Bollywood.

India’s diverse performing arts are ubiquitous, adding colour, excitement and soul to the innumerable festivals and ceremonies celebrated all over the country. Dance and music are inseparable parts of religious celebrations and processions, weddings, births, coming of age time, coronations, moving into a new house, welcoming a guest, harvests and many other occasions. India takes pride in its ancient folk theatre and dance-drama that paved way for classical dance and traditional theatre as well as contemporary Indian performing arts.

Bollywood—a legendary place where today’s nobodies are transformed overnight into tomorrow’s sensational stars; a fountain of immortality wherein a single dip assures you an entire chapter in history and a motherboard empowering countless chips through an inexhaustible power source—is an industry erupting with innovative ideas, iconic superstars and distinctively talented newcomers. Today, it is scaling towering heights, reaching out to far-off horizons and exploring the unexplored, as the world sits back and gets entertained and craves for more.

True to the very essence of these counterparts, Dreamgirls of Bollywood is a show bursting with drama, romance, love, humour, action, struggle, hope, tragedy and triumph and is nothing short of a 2-hour Bollywood movie, presented live on stage.

A typical Bollywood film starts with very dramatic introductions of its actors, followed by over-the-top scenes establishing their characters. Usually, the main stars of the film are portrayed as victims of some tragedy and a lot of emphasis is given to their efforts in dealing with infinite suffering. Gradually, the film plots to bring about the actors’ revolt against all evil, finally establishing them as heroes. Periodic breaking of the tale with songs and dances thrills audiences while giving a certain direction to the film. Dreamgirls of Bollywood pays tribute to the prodigious evolution of Bollywood films, allowing audiences to experience the magic of one such film but through the incomparable charm, energy and grandeur of theatre.