Raman Khanna


Raman Khanna started his career by producing and starring in a Bollywood movie titled Faslah also featuring debutant Shabana Azmi. While on a promotional tour, he happened to visit some International Festivals during the years 1975–76 and was amazed to discover that apart from Indian’s and Asian’s living abroad, the locals were also mesmerized and fascinated by Indian Cinema. He also observed that in those times, Bollywood–oriented stage productions/musicals were at a very juvenile level and only few shows with film stars took place, either in University campuses or at cinema halls that played Indian films. Raman was one of the first ones to comprehend the future potential and profitability of such theatrical shows and started creating, marketing and running Bollywood-oriented shows with leading film stars, fashion models, singers, music directors, choreographers and comedians—sometimes also customizing his shows as per the predilections of international audiences—assuring definite returns. Interestingly, when classical dancers and musicians were sponsored only by the Regional and Central Ministries of India to perform on foreign land, leading to long queues of aspirants outside the ministry offices, Raman, with his strong sense of economics coupled with his shrewd marketing skills, coaxed these dancers to perform for him instead, gradually developing his passion into a full-fledged business.

In the spell of a few years, Raman’s passion for the performing arts and his obsession with Indian Cinema led him to take his shows to more than 29 countries, sometimes successively running them over 20 times in a particular country and he is easily credited to have re-written the future of theatrical productions. His motto was and even today, is clear to him—to take the rich and diverse Indian culture beyond national boundaries and to elevate entertainment shows to a higher, more organized echelon.

Raman’s latest venture Dreamgirls of Bollywood—a show brimming with the glamour and grandeur of Bollywood, capable of winning accolades from international audiences—is on a superior scale owing to its unique script and opulent setting. A highly skillful team of creative brains, who’ve contributed to this grand production, was handpicked by Raman, making the show a product/brand for an entire lifetime.

Abhimanyu Khanna

---Marketing Manager (USA)

An alumnus of Mayo College, Ajmer, Abhimanyu is nothing short of a volcano exuding hardcore salesmanship and shrewd business acumen, owing to which he was integrated in the team of Dreamgirls of Bollywood. On completing his higher secondary studies from Scots College, New Zealand, he enrolled himself in Christian Brothers University, Memphis, USA and graduated in the domains of Marketing and Finance. Thereafter he chose to settle in America to pursue a career in his favorite field, bagging every opportunity that arrived his way and gradually rising to higher echelons. Abhimanyu has worked as a Sales Consultant and handled enviable projects that required his unmatched promotional know-how and presently he owns and runs his brainchild, Khanna Communication, in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Originally from Mumbai, Abhimanyu—with his innate love for Bollywood and the rich Indian culture—could not resist being a part of this highly spiced show.

Administration/Production Manager : Leena Waigaonkar

Artist Management/Costume Assistant : Farha Shaikh

Sound Design : Arvind Vishwakarma (Audio Garage Studio)

Hindi Lyrics : Asad Ajmeri

Voiceover Artists : Harish Bhimani and Arvind Mehra

Music Compilation : Anil Dole

Choreography Assistant : Avdhut Manjrekar

Hairstylists : Bela and Rashida Kashvi

TVC Design : Parth Bhatt

Camera : Shreedhar Bhatt

Website Design : Syed Ali Arif

Website Maintenance : Manav IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Tailors : Maqsood, Mehmood and Shahid

Embroider : Munnavar and Rakesh

Production Assistant : Bhupender Gupta