Media Reviews

"Dreamgirls of Bollywood is a slice of history, removed by several centuries and a piece of the modern era with its vivacity and Glamour."
'Entertainment Link - Indian Newslink', Auckland, New Zealand.
"The experienced cast put on a vibrant performance... you couldn't help it but feel the rhythm."
'Waikato Times', Hamilton, New Zealand.
"The costumes and dance moves were bold and daring and the show shatters the stereotype that Indian women were just sari-clad and docile."
'The New Zealand Herald - Auckland Edition', Auckland, New Zealand.
"When it comes to song, dance, fun and entertainment, it is hard to beat Dreamgirls of Bollywood."
'Entertainment Link - Indian Newslink', Auckland, New Zealand.
"The audience was treated to non-stop dances; the fast beat of instruments like Tabla and Pakhawaj were the highlights of the show."
The Indian Subcontinent Times, Sydney, Australia.
"A dance spectacular, the show charts the enchanting history of the world's largest and most prolific film industry."
The Brisbane Indian Times, Brisbane, Australia.